Informations Pratiques

Fare Junette and Mama Iti bungalows are located on a magnificent white sandy beach in Pihaena, Moorea. Situated to the north between Cook and Opunohu Bay, PK 14.3 facing the sea, 200 meters from the Hilton Hotel, 20 minutes from the port of Vaiare and 15 minutes from the Moorea airport.



By boat - Two companies :

Aremiti 5, Aremiti Ferry

and Moorea Ferry.

The crossing takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of boat taken.

'Truck' (Bus) available at the arrival terminal in Pihaena: 300 Fcfp per person (subject to change).



Polynesia is situated in an inter-tropical zone giving it a unique climate. Daily sunlight accounts for an annual average of 8 hours per day. The daytime temperature can reach a maximum of 30-32 ° C during the day and a minimum of 20 ° C at night. The lagoon water temperature varies throughout the year between 23 ° - 26 ° C. Polynesia, being a tropical maritime environment, is infiltrated by cool ocean currents with temperatures ranging between 24 and 30 ° C.

The dry season or "southern winter" from April to October is cooler, with temperatures ranging between 24 ° - 28 ° C. The months of July-August are the coolest with the onset of the Maraamu or southeast trade winds.


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